About Us

✨ Hello ✨  
My name is Jess, Jessica actually but I never call myself that. I also get called Jessie by a select number of people and that’s my favorite 🥰 I’m the owner and creator of Little Peach + Pip & I am a solo parent to three beautiful children aged, 12, 11 & 5. The 12 year old is taller than me now, I’m a shorty, 5 foot to be exact. There is something about being called ‘cute’ because of your height at the age of 37 that doesn’t really have the same ring to it as when you’re younger 😂.
I have a passion for everything creative, my brain doesn’t like to switch off, I’m always calling my dad with ideas and things to build, looking at furniture and thinking that it needs to be a different colour. I cannot start my work day until my house is clean, a down fall of working from home but I am forever grateful to be able to have the flexibility of working for myself! If you were a fly on the wall watching me sit down to work you would see me set up my iPad with a good Netflix series or always have a podcast playing….true crime most (all) of the time. When I was much younger I wanted to be a forensic scientist, but I didn’t listen in school so…….😬 Anyway….
I adore my kids, my family & friends, my dogs, my home town Port Macquarie, drawing, creating, flipping furniture, smelling roses in my mums garden, eating slices of cheese and drinking margaritas.
I DON’T like mushrooms, doing the folding, being late and red is my least favorite colour. 
Thank you for being here and supporting me and my art! I love you 🤍